Local is where it’s at!

I’ve said it a MILLION TIMES, I love living in Burlington.  Everything I need is within minutes of my home.

I recently visited my favorite car wash and was happy to meet one of the owners Martin (great guy). I learned that he and his business partner have one of the only two car washes of this type.

This is by far the best place to get you car all shinny and clean in a short amount of time. Martin and his crew, take pride in what they do.

In the 5-10 minutes I spent at his business they cleaned the inside and outside of my car and fixed my antenna that was falling off.

Ana Cruz - mapleview car washIt’s small business like this that we want to support – so if your car/truck or SUV needs a little TLC – visit MAPLE VIEW CAR WASH right across from Mapleview Mall. They do the inside and outside 🙂

Wednesday’s is Seniors day that means an additional 20% off, and just like the local coffee shop, you purchase 9 car washes and you get the 10th FREE – ask Martin about it.

Let him know that Lisa and Ana sent you 🙂



Why I love small businesses…..

I love the weekend!  Who doesn’t?

One of the reasons why I love weekends is because I am able to spend more time in my community and look for places that I have not been to.  Like today.  I was in Aldershot on this Saturday morning and stopped into “Nancy’s Flavours” http://www.nancysflavours.com .  I had a 2pm appointment and wanted to find something quick and healthy for lunch and noticed that they serve  lunch.

Once in the store, I was greeted by Jackie whose daughter, Nancy, owns the store.  Although my family isn’t Greek, I felt immediately at home.  Jackie was so welcoming and kind, I was sampling their soup-of-the-day before I knew it!  My lunch was wonderful Greek salad and chickpea soup – so delicious!

I could go on-and-on about the baklava and cookies that were on display, calling out my name (oh, Jackie also gave me a cookie to try) but, my point of this post is to bring attention to our local businesses in Burlington.

When you visit a local business that was build on love, sweat and tears, you get a different feeling when you walk in in the door.  You can count on a warm hello with a genuine smile.   When you open the door, you are walking into a business where the owner has put in countless hours to build it, bring it to market, has sacrificed family time and Sunday picnics, this is their business and YOU mean the world to them.  You are not going to hear about them as often or see them on your TV because they are not going to have the million dollar advertising budgets like Tim Horton’s or Best Buy.  But they are here, around our city and they are ready to offer you quality care, service and appreciation.  I have found, they will go above and beyond to make you happy.

I’ve always been passionate about small businesses and entrepreneurs.  I come from a family of business owners, my father, although he worked full time started a part time business designing and custom building beautiful oak kitchen cabinets.  He didn’t spend a nickle on advertising and went exclusively by word-of-mouth and had to turn away business.  My mother, after working for a company for most of her career, followed her dream and opened a clothing store which she owned for over 15 years and recently sold it.  I could tell you about the businesses my grandparents had, but you get the point!

My ask is that we make a decision to visit our local businesses and give them business, show them we care!   This is what builds a community.  Don’t get me wrong, I shop everywhere and have a slight addiction to Starbucks ( although I really wish there were more independent coffee shops in Burlington!)  I also have a soft spot for all entrepreneurs including franchisee’s and know many of them, they too put in countless hours and passion into their business.  However, I can’t imagine anyone would disagree that we should cherish our local businesses who literally hung up their sign on their shop and opened the doors!  Let’s make an effort to visit them more often, I know I will.


Right in your back yard!

If I’m gonna be honest, the green thumb in the family belongs to my husband…he is amazing, can make anything grow.

Each year our family is lucky to have fresh vegetables from the garden, due to Rui’s hard work and dedication to our vegetable garden. I honestly didn’t know what the big deal was until I tasted the difference. I get what the hype is about eating organic food….it just tastes better – natural!Ana Cruz Garden

If you don’t have the time or patience it takes to care for a garden there are some other great options below;

For those of you that live close to Downtown Burlington, you will be happy to know that Centro Garden on Brant Street has added a small farmers’ market in their back lot on Fridays (running until the fall).  The beauty of it is this Market focus primarily on organic product with Plan B Organics (which if you haven’t tried their service you need to check them out, amazing fresh vegetables delivered right to your door), Featherstone Farmers and Farm to Table Meats as the main suppliers.  Other vendors and special guests pop in so visit their website to find out what’s happening!

If you are looking for an on farm experience, Halton is home to many pick your own farms that give you a chance to harvest your own fruits and vegetables.  It has become a family tradition in our home that every Thanksgiving we go apple picking, and almost each year we discover another great pick your own farm. This is a great family activity and there is nothing better than walking into an apple orchard on a cool morning, with the scent of nature in the air.

Check out some of the great options in Burlington for fresh organic fruits and vegetables and let us know what you discover…we always want to hear what you think.

you can always reach Lisa and I via email at laburlington@gmail.com or leave your comments below. 


It’s Tuesday after a long weekend of relaxing, good company and friends….is it wrong that I”m thinking about food?

I’m so glad that Lisa is as big a Foodie as I am… I’m super excited that some of my favorite restaurants are participating in the Taste of Burlington

Have you had lunch at one of the Taste of Burlington restaurants? If so, which one? SHARE, SHARE!

I have a date with a friend next week at  THE ALEX Restaurant on Brant Street…..CAN’T wait!!  Ana Cruz - Alex Restaurant

…so who’s been there? I want to know what’s good on the menu?

My friend picked this since it is GLUTEN FREE….and the menu works really well for her.

Stay tuned, I will let you know what I think!

Breakfast Anyone?

With summer in full swing, I am always looking for a great place to have breakfast; whether it be with the kids for a summer breakfast date or to meet a friend or client….there are a few things I always look for!

  • WIFI – Since I love  technology and social media, you know that I’m always looking for a great place where I can work on my laptop or my ipad.
  • PATIO – It’s summer so I love to eat outside  if possible…we don’t have the longest summer, so I want to enjoy it!
  • FOOD – I think I should have put that FIRST….need GOOD COFFEE and FOOD!

So where to go? Here are my top choices this summer

Pane Fresco, amazing food, ambiance, truly a local feel….located downtown Burlington, so it’s great to take a walk by the lake afterward. We love going here as a family, since it’s downtown and there is tons of things to do nearby.

Table Top, one of Burlington’s best kept secret…..it’s a great place to meet clients for a breakfast meeting as it’s usually a little quieter in the morning, food is great, the portions are huge, coffee is always fresh and hot. The service and personal attention is the best I have seen. If you go by say hi to Nancy May and tell her Ana & Lisa sent you!  Burlington, Table Top, Lisa and Ana

William’s, great location, convenient and always buzzing…..great place for both family and business, and I have to mention that they have a bunch of healthy smoothies on the menu (even a strange green, kale, spinach concoction that Lisa loves)

Are there any places that you love? We want to hear about it….we are always looking for great places to eat in Burlington, that have great food and don’t break the bank 😉

We look forward to your comments, please leave them below or email us at laburlington@gmail.com


What we are about!

Hello and welcome to our BLOG, we are super excited that you stopped by!

So what are we all about?

Lisa Pellerin & Ana Cruz

Well, we are Lisa Pellerin Ana Cruz.

Both of us are PASSIONATE about BURLINGTON (the wonderful city we live in), FAMILY, FOOD, HEALTH, TRAVEL and FOOD…ops did we already say that?

We are BOTH PASSIONATE about life and we are going to share it with you!

Stay tuned for some fun stuff coming your way!